FIT-II (everis’ corporate venture capital fund) looks for investment opportunities relying on committed teams and innovative technology. In this new investment phase, FIT-II has reinforced its commitment with innovation through the development of three different strategic lines, each of them with its own portfolio:

venture capital

“Venture Capital” (VC) focuses on standard, high potential deals ranging from IT (included Digital Business) to Manufacturing, Biotechnology / Pharma and Energy, as long as the company has already developed a product or it is preclinical phase in case of Bio/Pharma leads.

corporate venturing

On the other hand, “Corporate Venturing” pursues similar deals but the involvement of everis’ business lines is a prerequisite.

company builder

Finally, “Company Builder” looks for disruptive technology based start-ups, in very early stage, and a high potential growth in the short / medium term. The main objective is to build, fund, and scale new businesses in partnership with corporates and entrepreneurs.

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