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FiTalent is the corporate venture capital fund of everis group.

It is the bet on entrepreneurship and young talent carried out by everis group, being our mission to support entrepreneurs to transform their ventures into profitable, leading companies.

everis is an NTT DATA Company

dedicated to consulting and outsourcing in all sectors, with a turnover of 1.03 billion Euro in the last financial year. We are a large family with 19,000 professionals across Europe, USA and Latin Americas.


FIT-II (everis’ corporate venture capital fund) looks for investment opportunities relying on committed teams and innovative technology. In this new investment phase, FIT-II has reinforced its commitment with innovation through the development of three different strategic lines, each of them with its own portfolio:

our portfolio


    Booboo is a collective optimization network of the logistics and transport sector.


    Circular is a private community in which startups refer candidates they interviewed, but who weren’t the exact right fit. Circular will match these qualified people with other startups in the community which are looking for great talent.


    The main activity of Internet Laboratory Digital, S.L is the development and commercialization of an advertising platform for companies called "InLab Digital", which consists of buying advertising spaces in the digital environment.


    Box Motions introduces a new concept of storage (“we collect your stuff for free, we store it and bring it to you at anytime”).


    FUTUNA counts with a multi-disciplinary and specialized team with a wide experience in all the stages of breeding for fish species. It is specialized in copepods (small crustaceans from the marine zooplankton) which represent more than 80% of the natural diet of all the fish marine species during the first days of larvae development.


    ONCOSTELLAE is a biotech startup developing small-molecule drugs with innovative scaffolds (NCEs) that modulate clinically validated therapeutic targets in oncology and inflammatory/autoimmune diseases


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