12 December, 2018

FiTalent invests in Boxmotions

FiTalent (FIT-II) invests in Boxmotions, a company that introduces a new concept of storage (“we collect your stuff for free, we store it and bring it to you anytime”)

12 December, 2018

FiTalent invests in Inlab

FiTalent (FIT-II) invests in Inlab Digital, a company that provides advertisers with a marketplace to acquire and engage users through big data, their mobile platform collects, understands and learns from a large and unique dataset in order to optimize towards the brands’ kpis

18 November, 2018

FiTalent invests in BooBoo

FiTalent (FIT-II) invests in BooBoo, a collective optimization network of the logistics and transportation sector.

18 April, 2018

FiTalent invests in LPS Ingeniería

FiTalent (FIT-II) invests in LPS, a company of Engineering Services, Consulting and Project Management in different areas related to telecommunication networks

17 April, 2018

FiTalent invests in ONCOSTELLAE

FiTalent (FIT-II) invests in ONCOSTELLAE, a biotech startup company developing small-molecule drugs with innovative scaffolds (NCEs) that modulate clinically validated therapeutic targets in oncology and inflammatory/autoimmune diseases

6 April, 2018

FiTalent invests in FUTUNA

FiTalent (FIT-II) invests in FUTUNA, a leading Spanish aquaculture company with hatchery, nursery and grow out facilities located in the province of Cadiz in Southern Spain.

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