the corporate venture capital fund of everis group

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FiTalent is the corporate venture capital fund of everis group.

It is the bet on entrepreneurship and young talent carried out by everis group, being our mission to support entrepreneurs to transform their ventures into profitable, leading companies.

everis is an NTT DATA Company

dedicated to consulting and outsourcing in all sectors, with a turnover of 1.03 billion Euro in the last financial year. We are a large family with 19,000 professionals across Europe, USA and Latin Americas.


FIT-II (everis’ corporate venture capital fund) looks for investment opportunities relying on committed teams and innovative technology. In this new investment phase, FIT-II has reinforced its commitment with innovation through the development of three different strategic lines, each of them with its own portfolio:

our portfolio


    SATLANTIS is a new space specialist who provides proven high performance payload technologies to enable the development of high spatial and temporal resolution services for earth observation and teledetection.


    Shoppermotion has developed a mapping technology that enables brands and retailers to better understand and capitalize on in-store shopper behavior.


    FiTalent (FIT-II) continues with its investment activity adding PLAYSTARK to its investment portfolio. Through the Venture Capital line, FiTalent invests in this company whose goal is the development of eSports video games


    Innovation through medical chemistry. Facing the challenges of the adenosine field, learning from past failures and profiting the new opportunities.


    Computer control technology by eye movement.


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